The Top 5 Most Wanted Numbers of the Week

Dear friends of tellows,

another week has passed and it’s time to share with you our most wanted list of numbers from New Zealand and Australia. As usual, there are some familiar “guests” and some newcomers. But have a look yourself:

1. 0800222378 from New Zealand with 2 comments and 2969 search requests. tellows Score: 8
2. 099204056 from New Zealand with 3 comments and 1329 search requests. tellows Score: 7
3. 092444545 from New Zealand with 4 comments and 1563 search requests. tellows Score: 6
4. 0399881848 from Australia with 3 comments and 1235 search requests. tellows Score: 7
5. 0242316708 from Australia with 2 comments and 186 search requests. tellows Score: 5

Our first number this week0800222378 is not a stranger to our list. The number garnered the attention of our users, when they received text messages and mails urging them to call the 0800-number without giving any reason or further details as to why. User Alice commented:

Txt me to call someone who I do not konw makes me to search that 0800 number. Just do not believe it.

Another frequent guest on our list ranks at the second place, number 099204056. Calling from Auckland, New Zealand, many of you wrote about unsolicited telemarketing calls that are made under this number and with a tellows score of 7, most of you have deemed it untrustworthy.

Our third place goes to a New Zealand number from Wellington: 092444545 and makes its first appearance here. Calling frequently and up to three times a day, this number is getting on our user’s nerves. User Tree shared a suggestion as to who might be calling and why:

Iā€™m not sure but I think it is a BNZ phone banking survey, I received a call from this that I could not answer and could not ring back then got a call from a similar number that was BNZ survey.

Ranking on our fourth place this week, the Australian number 0399881848 has been reported by users as nuisance caller that apparently is just as busy as our third number. However, user Maxwell found a way to deal with the unsolicited calls:

Unsolicited telemarketing annoyance. I let this number run thru to my answering machine. It wastes their money šŸ™‚

Holding a score of 5, our last and final number for this week, 0242316708, seems to conduct surveys and doesn’t appear to be particularly dangerous. Still, be careful not to give away too personal information – user Michael warned that it might still be a hoax.

With that, we hope you have lovely and peaceful weekend without any telephone nuisance. But if you do receive an unsolicited or harassing call, you know where to report it!

Your tellows team

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