This Week’s Most Wanted Numbers

Dear friends of tellows,

it has been another week and for some of you, the telephone lines have been rather busy. As always, we have the top 5 telephone numbers from New Zealand and Australia that have been calling for sometimes unknown, sometimes unwanted reasons:

1. 0800222378 from New Zealand with 2 comments and 3004 search requests. tellows Score: 8
2. 099204056 from New Zealand with 3 comments and 1354 search requests. tellows Score: 7
3. 044630500 from New Zealand with 2 comments and 910 search requests. tellows Score: 6
4. 0280829776 from Australia with 2 comments and 1127 search requests. tellows Score: 3
5. 0242316708 from Australia with 2 comments and 204 search requests. tellows Score: 5

Our first number for the week, 0800222378 has been occupying New Zealand consumers for quite a while now, reappearing on our list all throughout the year ever since its first entry in January. Most of our users have received a message by an unknown originator asking them to call the number back without further information as to why.

Ranking on the second place, number 099204056 is no stranger to our top 5 as well. While most of our users reported calls from the number as telemarketing, user Apple was able to provide further information:

Holiday innes telemarketing? introduce people to join priority privilege card, and they won’t tell you it will cost $299 mebership fee a year, so untrustable.

Even though the third number, 044630500, is rated with a tellows score of 6 and has been reported for quite some time, information are still scarce. Most users have complained about frequent and often silent calls from this number.

With a tellows score of 3, our fourth number 0280829776 from Australia appears to be a trustworthy number with many users allocating it to a wireless communications brand. User Ah Gav wrote:

Received one, it was from VirginMobile Australia. (called to resolve some issues reported to them recently).

Calling from Wollongong, Australia, our fifth and final number for this week, 0242316708, has been rated as neutral with a tellows score of 5. According to our users, the caller conducts surveys, although some question the authenticity of the calls: user Michael commented:

wanted to do survey, could be a hoax… this call was at 8.30pm

We hope you have a nice telephone scam and spam-free weekend! – And if you don’t, you know what to do and who to share your information with.

Your tellows team

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