Different Month, Same Story: The Top 5 of Nuisance Callers

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there is something interrupting our everyday life that just won’t quit no matter what the month is – and unfortunately even within the first days of September, some of you have been bothered with unsolicited telemarketing and nuisance calls. To see which numbers have been particularly active in the past week in Australia and New Zealand, let’s have a look at this weeks top 5 of most wanted numbers:

1. 078571502 from New Zealand with 5 comments and 8345 search requests. tellows Score: 6
2. 044725543 from New Zealand with 3 comments and 2750 search requests. tellows Score: 6
3. 0800450527 from New Zealand with 6 comments and 5133 search requests. tellows Score: 7
4. 0061283240300 from Australia with 2 comments and 2000 search requests. tellows Score: 3
5. 0399881848 from Australia with 3 comments and 1257 search requests. tellows Score: 7

With tellows scores ranking from 1 (reliable) to 9 (not trustworthy), our first number for this week – 078571502 – is highly debated. Even though the number seems to belong to a major telephone company, some of our users questioned the trustworthiness of the number as they couldn’t return the calls. User Grrrr commented:

Had several phone calls from this number this evening, tried ringing back and got an answer phone grrrr. Rang Telecom and the very helpful lady explained that it is actually a Telecom number that is used by call centres (I am guessing overseas ones) to contact customers

Our second number for today, 044725543, has been keeping people’s telephone lines busy with what appears to be computer generated calls. Often lasting only a few seconds, the calls were nearly impossible to answer for some of our users. Ranking on our third place, the number 0800450527 has been rated as rather untrustworthy with a tellows score of 7. According to our users, the caller tries to obtain contact information but will reveal little about himself as user Les Neilsen wrote:

Received a call from a gentleman wanting a contact phone number for a friend. He gave a first name (Royve) and an 0800 number when pressed, but would not say who he worked for, only that he “had business” with our friend.I called the number he provided but their answer message does not identify who they are, asks for contact details so they can get back to you.

Calling from Sydney, Australia, our fourth number, 0061283240300, has become one of the usual suspects on the list and has also been reported on both the Australian and the German tellows site with some users advising against answering the call. Some of you may recognize our fourth number, 0399881848, from last week. Making unsolicited telemarketing calls from Australia, the telephone number received a tellows score of 7 and is considered rather untrustworthy.

If there is a number bothering you with unsolicited telemarketing or nuisance calls as well, don’t hesitate to inform our users on tellows about it and exchange your experiences with others. Other than that, stay safe and spam-free!

You tellows team

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