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Tellows Top5 – Callers in AU and NZ

Dear tellows friends!

Long time no see! But here we are again, giving you an update on the recently most annoying numbers in Australia and New Zealand. To put you out of your misery, here are the most wanted:

1. 078564248 from New Zealand with 2 comments and 540 search requests. tellows Score: 8
2. 0800222378 from New Zealand with 3 comments and 2819 search requests. tellows Score: 8
3. 099769580 from New Zealand with 1 comment and 1936 search requests. tellows Score: 5
4. 0280829776 from Australia with 2 comments and 1008 search requests. tellows Score: 3
5. 0287461500 from Australia with 1 comment and 2059 search requests. tellows Score: 6

Maurice reported on the first number this week and sounds quite angry about the calls:

lol….. is this actually happening? who calls 12 times in a row and then hangs up after only 5 secs…. I’ve quite a list of inappropriate words I’d like to throw at their heads right now.

As 541 people were already looking for the owner of this number, this cannot be a private one. Any hint is very welcome here!

A lot more users try to find information on this number though: 0800222378. As far as Dazedand and other users tell us, this is obviously a scam:

Put a letter in my parents’ mailbox asking them to call Alex asap on this 0800 number. No reason why, no return address, no surname. My parents threw it away.

Number three in our todays most wanted list might be a debt collection company. Anyway, there is not that much evidence for it, as only one user commented here. Whenever you receive a call from 099769580, be aware, that already 1936 search requests were registered on tellows, there is certainly something wrong here!

Nevertheless, we still find some helpful numbers nowadays as companies sometimes also call to actually help their customers. Let’s have a look at number four on our list today, coming from Sydney:

Received one, it was from VirginMobile Australia. (called to resolve some issues reported to them recently).

Nothing to add there, thanks for sharing your knowledge, Ah Gav!


That’s it for today, have a good week,

your tellows team