Special Feature of Spam Indication: Tellows Score

What does the Tellows Score say?

Being a platform for everybody who fell victim to phone spam and scam, Tellows does not only offer exchange of information about numbers, but also it provides evaluation of numbers with the help of a numerical system.  Starting from 1 (trustworthy number) to 9 (highly suspicious number), you can see straight away, what kind of number you are dealing with.

Furthermore, the score is highlighted with the help of respective colours: score 1 is marked in bright green, 5 is a neutral yellow, whereas score 9 is in alarming red.

This is a fast and easy way to look up dangerous numbers and well as to warn others of them.

In case you know such dangerous numbers, please report them to Tellows. We are convinced that it is essential to share information and experience with others in order to fight spam and scam. Remember, this information prevents the scammers from their success.

Have a nice week without any unnerving calls!

Kind regards,

Your team Tellows

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