Sick Of This Call! The Australian & New Zealand Top Nuisance Numbers

Welcome back to the Tellows weekly update on the most annoying spam and scam numbers of New Zealand.
And here they are:

1. 0800438229 Telecom, TelstraClear or other networks with a tellows score of 8
2. 02239859700 mobile service (2degrees) with a tellows score of 8
3. 0381998010 from Melbourne with a tellows score of 6
4. 0296123591 from Sydney with a tellows score of 5
5. 098874136 from Auckland with a tellows score of 7

This week’s absolute top spam number of all New Zealand and Australia is a very suspicious debt collection company called Baycorp.

User Thatsme reported:

Baycorp probably purchased details illegally from MSD staff who were subsequently dismissed – they harass, use deceptive tactics, and refuse to clear your credit when a debt is paid, or where no debt is proven

There’s not much to say about the numbers on rank 2 and 4 – automated silent calls only. The number on rank 5 is almost the same: used to be silent calls, but now there´s a call centre on the other end trying to sell products of a company called “design boys”.

Australia’s most annoying number is a smartphone and tablet PC telemarketing number.

The latest comment was given by user tele yesterday:

They have been calling me constantly when I was unavailable so today when I had some time off I called them back and someone called “Michael” wanting to sell me a galaxy tab + galaxy ace with 2GB of data and $500 worth of calls or something for like $49. I told him I don’t need a new phone but he was very persistant. The thing that worries me is that I am with another carrier so I don’t understand how they got my number…. and I would really like to know

Thank you for all your comments. We will bring you more news on the numbers next week.

See you soon,
Your Tellows-Team

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