Community Power Against Spam! NZ & Austrialian Weekly Top 5

Welcome back to the Tellows weekly update on the most annoying spam and scam numbers of New Zealand and Australia. Here are the numbers that have been harassing you the most:

1. 0800438229 Telecom, TelstraClear or other networks with a tellows score of 8
2. 063569092 from Palmerston North with a tellows score of 5
3. 0381998010 from Melbourne with a tellows score of 8
4. 0385239459 from Melbourne with a tellows score of 6
5. 02123546400 from vodafone New Zealand with a tellows score of 5

The most wanted number of this week is New Zealand’s 0800438229 which is most likely a dodgy debt collector called Baycorp sending sms from number 64210025900, advising to ring 0800438229.

Here is the latest comment on the number given by Jimbob:

Sent from number 64210025900, message says “Pls rg 0800 438229 quote ref 3138345 15669 or reply txt Call regarding an urgent matter”. If it was legitimate (and urgent), wouldn’t they call me? There is no name or clue as to who has sent the text. I can only assume that it is dodgy and no way would I reply or call the number provided.

Are you also getting calls from 063569092 on both cell phone and landline which you never manage to answer because they ring off in a second? If yes, you probably did not miss anything important. Tellows users’ comments are talking about a company with almost no public information given anywhere at all – here is what Paul wrote:

I’m getting a lot of calls from this number of late, both on landline and cell. Sadly I cannot locate much detail, apart from the fact that Millway Enterprises has been struck off. The company director in NZ was Tak Chuen Wong, and there are two listings for him / her in Palmerston North – neither with the address shown in the companies office registration though.

Australians are most likely to face a cold call from number 0381998010. Some Tellows users called the number back – here is what Scally experienced:

This number keeps calling but when I answer they hang up. They’ve called once a day for the last week. I called the number back and it was a woman who said she was from Optus then she started telling me that I’d won a free ipad or something. She just kept babbling so I hung up.

Australia’s second worst spam number 0385239459 shows the same characteristics: not only ping calls, but also it is from Melbourne. It is possible that both Australian top spam numbers belong to the same call centre.

Gilly reported:

Recieved a call from this number and when I answered they hung up. I rang back from a secure phone line and they didnt answer.

We hope we will find out more about number 02123546400 on rank 5. Despite the low number of comments it seems to be a very active number.

We count on you in the struggle against phone spam and scam!

See you soon,
Your Tellows Team

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