The AU and NZ Top 5 Annoying Numbers

Welcome back to the Tellows update on the most annoying spam and scam numbers of New Zealand and Australia. Here are the numbers that have been harassing you the most:

1. 0218392056 a New Zealand mobile phone number with a tellows score of 6
2. 0884239822 from Adelaide, Australia with a tellows score of 5
3. 0385239459 from Melbourne, Australia with a tellows score of 6
4. 099291108 from Auckland, New Zealand with a tellows score of 5
5. 0396319700 from Melbourne, Australia with a tellows score of 7

The 1st number is a scam via SMS, the massage say that you have won a price and requests that you send some information, better call your cell provider and see if it is legitimate like Liza Sandilands did:

„It is a scamm dont give any information I phoned Nokia myself and they confirmed there are people who are busy with a scamm. They took all the detail and will follow up „

on 2nd 3rd and 4th place wie got some silent calls, so don’t call them back if you see them on your display.

The last number ist a call centre working with different companies, user Brian say don’t waste your time:

„his is a number of a call centre doing sales calls on behalf of various companies: Quickflix, Foxtel, Dun and Bradstreet (debt collectors). I tell you, don`t waste your time, hang it up. „

We count on you in the struggle against phone spam and scam!
See you soon,
Your Tellows Team

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