The Top 5 Most Annoying Callers

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in the past couple of weeks telephone scammers and spammers have been busy – and so were our users in their quest to find out who has been hiding behind suspicious numbers and annoying phone calls. Let’s have a look at the most wanted offenders:

1. 078571502 from New Zealand with 5 comments and 8313 search requests. tellows Score: 6
2. 0800222378 from New Zealand with 2 comments and 2875 search requests. tellows Score: 8
3. 0800930067 from New Zealand with 1 comments and 684 search requests. tellows Score: 9
4. 0399881848 from Australia with 3 comments and 1199 search requests. tellows Score: 7
5. 0296123591 from Australia with 4 comments and 1346 search requests. tellows Score: 6

The number 078571502 that places first, annoys our users with harassing calls. Some have commented that the call seems to be coming from a telephone company although the intent is not always clear. User Grrrr shared:

Had several phone calls from this number this evening, tried ringing back and got an answer phone grrrr. Rang Telecom and the very helpful lady explained that it is actually a Telecom number that is used by call centres (I am guessing overseas ones) to contact customers

The caller that uses the number 0800222378 ranking on 2nd place, leaves a voice or text message urging the recipient to call back as soon as possible and it’s not the first time that the number has ranked on our Top 5. User Alice commented:

Txt me to call someone who I do not konw makes me to search that 0800 number. Just do not believe it.

For number 0800930067, ranking 3rd, we advise caution as well. Claiming to be calling for the Bank of New Zealand, a pre-recorded message asks the person called to volunteer personal dates. Users felt similarly harassed by number 0399881848, which appears to be a telemarketing company making unsolicited calls several times a week.

As for the 5th and final number, information on 0296123591 differ. Whereas some report the caller as employee working for a telemarketing company, others suspect it to be a prank call. The comment of user Michael seems to support the latter:

I heard someone like a teenager giggle as an act of fun but I muted them or him.

Either way, we advise you to trust your instincts and check first before accepting or returning the call of a suspicious number. If you have noticed any scams or nuisance calls from a certain number, don’t hesitate to share your knowledge on tellows.

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