Top 5 Most Wanted Calls from NZ and AU

Dear tellows friends,

new month, new nuisance callers. Unfortunately spam and scam numbers continued to keep telephones all over Australia and New Zealand ringing. As usual, we provide you a list of the top 5 numbers with the most search requests over the past few days:

1. 090092266 from New Zealand with 1 comments and 315 search requests. tellows Score: 7
2. 099204056 from New Zealand with 3 comments and 1285 search requests. tellows Score: 7
3. 044725543 from New Zealand with 3 comments and 2688 search requests. tellows Score: 6
4. 0061283240300 from Australia with 2 comments and 1915 search requests. tellows Score: 3
5. 0864444811 from Australia with 1 comments and 320 search requests. tellows Score: 5

Placing on number one, the phone number 090092266 from New Zealand has been reported as a cost trap by our visitors. User Samwell described his unfortunate experience with the number:

my lovely son just purchased a runescape abonement which cost me 15,- charged to my phone bill. I’ll try to get it back since my son is not of age yet.

Calling from Auckland, New Zealand, the number 099204056 on second place, has been deemed untrustworthy. Several users commented that the calls had been made by a telemarketing company. Apple wrote of the strategy the caller uses:

Holiday innes telemarketing? introduce people to join priority privilege card, and they won’t tell you it will cost $299 mebership fee a year, so untrustable.

For our third number, 044725543, not much information other than the fact that our users felt increasingly annoyed by its calls have come to light. The fact that the calls seem nearly impossible to answer, however, rose the suspicions of our visitors. Similarly, comments on number 4, 0061283240300, from Australia advise against answering its calls. John wrote:

this guy is a hacker dont pick calls from this number

The final number on the list,0864444811, makes calls from Australia as well but doesn’t seem half as bothersome. With a tellows score of 5, the number allegedly belongs to a fundraiser for Prostrate and Breast Cancer.

Take care and have a lovely week – hopefully without any nuisance calls!

Your tellows team

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